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Contact details for our offices in the Cayman Islands, Liechtenstein and the UK.

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Next year end 31 Dec 2015.

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Correction: On 10 September 2015, Gable incorrectly listed GenRe as one of its reinsurers providing ‘automatic facilities’.  Gen Re have provided case by case facultative reinsurance on certain French accounts. Gable would like to apologise for any confusion which occurred as a result. 

Gable Holdings Inc

190 Elgin Avenue
George Town
Grand Cayman

Cayman Islands

Gable Services (London) Limited

UK Contact Office

34 Lime Street

London EC3M 7AT
Telephone +44 (0)20 7337 7460

Facsimile +44 (0)20 7337 7461

Gable Insurance AG

Pflugstrasse 20


Telephone +423 237 4730

Facsimile +423 237 4739